Frequently Asked Questions

Are national banknotes which require debt, interest, labor, law, tax, enforcement, borders, exchange rates, transfer fees, scarcity, inequality, poverty, pollution, fear, armament, and wars converted to GRB ecos? Yes.

Is the approximate two quadrillion US dollars worth of current world assets converted to GRB ecos? Yes.

Does the interest on public debt money tax everyone’s income, products, services, and profits for life? Yes.

Are the products of nature the basis of a secure, sufficient, and sustainable living world economy? Yes.

Are Global Resource Bank ecological credits a natural free~flowing world-unifying global currency? Yes.

Why do e6q have the buying power of US$? Seven billion people x e50 per day x 20 years = e2.55q and e1.5q are invested in ecosystem renewal and e250t in the GRBnet leaving e1.7q in the GRBe reserve.

Do 7 billion people bring e350b from the GRBe reserve to free global markets every day for 20 years? Yes.

What becomes of nations? Nations unify into a direct democratic world community of GRB shareholders.

Do women, as the guardians of most children and elderly shareholders, guide the GRB majority? Yes.

Does the GRBe reserve settle national debts in exchange for national assets? Yes.

Are commercial accounts transparent? Yes.

How do we grow our wealth of natural resources? Natural light, energy, air, water, land, food, shelter, climate, and life grows with GRB eco investments in ecosystems, communication, science, technology, conservation, innovation, integration, education, disarmament, health, art, peace, joy, and love.

Do GRBe investments in ecosystem renewal restore polluted regions to natural habitats? Yes.

How does the GRB secure free~flowing ecos? With biological id and blockchain technology.

Does the GRBnet transform the internet into a free & open global telecom provider? Yes.

Is the GRBnet an artificial neural network that connects everyone on Earth? Yes.

Can we begin the GRB now? Yes! Simply share the GRB now.