GRB Ecos Value Natural Resources . . .


The People’s Eco Currency System

Every person in the world owns one share in the GRB, the shareholders value Earth’s wealth of natural resources at 6 quadrillion (q) GRB ecos (GRBe). The GRB converts US$ assets to GRBe. The GRBe reserve supplies shareholder accounts with e50 per day for 20 years. The GRB invests e1q in ecosystems and e500 trillion (t) in the GRB network (GRBnet). The GRB income account earns ecos from an ecosystem impact charge on shareholder and commercial accounts and exchanges ecos with the GRB reserve to maintain equilibrium. Two percent of GRB eco income sustains the GRBnet and e50 per day go to fully funded shareholder accounts. GRB shareholders invest 5% of their GRB eco income in ecosystems. The GRB eco value of natural resources and eco percentages adjust to shareholder feedback. After one year of inactivity, GRB accounts revert to the reserve. The majority chooses the GRB eco system manager.

Questions and Answers

Do natural resources sustain life? Yes.

Are natural resources everyone’s asset? Yes.

Does a true medium of exchange value shared assets? Yes.

Are GRB ecos a shared asset-backed medium of exchange? Yes.

Why are e6q set at parity with fiat dollar notes? To secure the lives of over 7 billion (b) people.

Why e6q? Because 7b x e50 per day x 20 years (7300 days) = e2.55q, + e1q are invested in ecosystems and e500t in the GRBnet, leaving e1.95q in reserve.

Do 7b people transfer e350b from the GRB reserve to free global markets every day over 20 years? Yes.

Does the GRB economy support a democratic network of shareholders who value life on Earth? Yes.

Do states impede life, liberty, happiness, equality, peace, prosperity, security, cooperation, innovation, communication, trade, synergy, connectivity, freedom, and a free open global market economy? Yes.

Does the people’s eco currency system abolish the state, politics, taxes, interest, corruption, inequality, scarcity, armament, terrorism, refugees, racism, ignorance, poverty, pollution, fear, and war? Yes.

How do we grow natural resources? Natural light, energy, air, water, land, food, shelter, climate, biodiversity, consciousness, law, and exchange grow with GRB eco investments in ecosystems, communications, science, conservation, education, health, transportation, farming, technology, disarmament, recycling, research, efficiency, art, music, dance, peace, love, i.e., the good life.

Does the GRB network provide everyone a basic income and open communications for life? Yes.

Does the GRB network convert the state-controlled internet to the people’s GRBnet? Yes.

How do the landless get land? The GRB settles national debts for state assets.

Do women, children, and elderly constitute the GRB majority? Yes.

Does a free global economy demand a global currency? Yes.

Are GRB commercial accounts transparent? Yes.

How are the GRB ecosystem impact charges set? The average persons’ impact sets the shareholder account charge, and the impact of their goods and services set commercial account charges.

How do we access our GRB accounts? With our bio-metrics.

Do GRB shareholders live in a world without borders? Yes.

Is growing natural resources everyone’s profession? Yes.

Can GRB shareholders enjoy the good life NOW? Yes!

Network GRB,   John Pozzi . Mother Earth News