Welcome to the Global Resource Bank (GRB) Basic Income Earth Network – GRBnet


The GRB Ecological (eco) Currency Program

Everyone owns one share in the GRB, shareholders value the earth’s wealth of natural resources at six quadrillion (q) GRB ecos (e). GRB converts US dollar assets to GRB ecos. The GRB eco reserve supplies the shareholder accounts with e50 per day for 20 years. The GRB invests e1.5q in ecosystems and e250 trillion (t) in the GRBnet. The GRB eco income account earns ecos from an ecosystem impact charge on shareholder and commercial accounts and balances ecos with the GRB reserve to maintain equilibrium. Two percent of GRB income maintains the GRBnet and e50 per day supports GRB shareholders for life. Shareholders invest 5% of their GRB income in ecosystems. The eco value of natural resources and eco percentages adjust to shareholder feedback. After one year of inactivity GRB accounts revert to the reserve. The majority chooses the GRB eco program manager.

Is the ecological value of Earth’s natural resources the foundation of an abundant global economy? Yes.

Does $70t in national debts to 180 central banks block the shareholders from beginning the GRB? Yes.

Does the GRB settle the worlds national debts in exchange for national assets and infrastructure? Yes.

Are GRB digital ecos a resource backed global reserve currency that transfers universal value? Yes.

Why do e6q have the buying power of US$? To support the lives of more than 7 billion (b) people.

Why e6q? Because 7b x e50 per day x 20 years equals e2.55q, plus e1.5q are invested in ecosystems and e250t in the GRBnet, leaving e1.7q in reserve.

Do 7b people bring e350b from the GRB reserve to free global markets every day for 20 years? Yes.

Does the GRB economy render states, fiat money, debt, taxes, tariffs, politics, interest, corruption, war, inequality, racism, poverty, pollution, hunger, ignorance, refugees, environmental destruction, artificial scarcity, compulsory labor, propaganda, crime, terrorism, armament, and borders obsolete? Yes.

Does debt obstruct life, liberty, equality, freedom, security, peace, prosperity, innovation, cooperation, trade, communication, and a global society that values our commonwealth of natural resources? Yes.

How do we grow Earth’s natural resources? Natural light, energy, air, water, land, food, shelter, climate, law, ecology, biodiversity, and consciousness, grows with GRB investments in ecosystems, the GRBnet, conservation, transportation, information, technology, innovation, agriculture, disarmament, artificial intelligence, robotics, science, efficiency, family, health, peace, art, music, love, joy, i.e., life on Earth.

Do eco wages, salaries, earnings, gifts, and profits add to the GRB shareholders basic eco income? Yes.

Do GRB investments in telecommunications convert the internet to the shareholders GRBnet? Yes.

Are commercial GRB accounts transparent, and do women, as guardians of children and elderly shareholders, convene a supermajority of shareholders who direct the GRB economy? Yes.

How are the GRB ecosystem impact charges set? The average shareholders impact sets the shareholder account charge, and the impact of their goods and services sets commercial account charges.

How do we access our GRB accounts? With our bio-statistic signature.

How is GRB security maintained? By way of blockchain technology.

Does the GRBnet provide free and open telecommunications? Yes.

Can we begin the GRB now? Yes, simply network GRB.

Please send reviews to John.Pozzi@grb.net.

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