Prof. Paul Di Virgilio: U of Toronto – Poverty creates pollution, the GRB solution empowers all people claim their birthright to natural abundance.

Peter Caddy: Co-founder Findhorn Community – GRB is a new concept to help manifest the new age.

Muhammad Yunus: Director, Grameen Bank, Bangladesh – Godspeed the GRB.

Hazel Henderson: Author, Paradigms In Progress – I support the GRB initiative.

Sarah Black: Editor, Kurzweil Technologies – This GRB is relevant.

James Magnus-Johnston: Canadian Director of the Steady State Economy
John, I like the vision. What is the electronic infrastructure for the GRBnet?
John: The GRB network employs all telecommunication service providers.

Don Iannone: Thank you for the GRB. Prosperity is a challenge for most people across the globe.

Morrison Bonpasse: John, May we see a single global currency soon.

David Grusky: Hi John, Thanks for the GRB … I appreciate it.

Alex Romane: The Direct Democracy Party promotes the GRB.

Charlotte Ure: Hello John, Just want to say nice work with the GRB. Arthur would be proud. I don’t see how it could read any more direct than you have it. I was just writing about the UN deal in 1985 when you presented the program at the UN Conference in Kenya. I wasn’t looking for it, but up came the GRB and your name. Hope you are doing well. It’s been many years. Take care John, old friend, Charlotte

Raddo Poggi: John Pozzi, Many thanks for the GRB program, it was a pleasure to read.

UN DESA: The GRB eco currency program was accepted in the UN DESA’s Civil Society.

Nicole Leonard: John Pozzi presented the GRB eco currency program at the World Social Forum.

Enrico Geiler: The GRB network is our future.

Yanis Varoufakis: Basic income is a necessity.

Roberto Merrill: John Pozzi, BIEN will consider the GRB eco currency program.

Laura Bannister: Director, World Basic Income: Hi John, Thank you, we’ve had a look at the GRB site, we have several ideas in common. It would be great for global resources to be systematically shared.

Dr. Johannes Glaeser: Springer Economics: Mr. Pozzi, a book about the Global Resource Bank would be interesting and I would like to learn more about it.

Peter Knight: Hello John, Would you like to join us and be an S4S Associate? John: Yes, thank you.

Earth, Environment, and Ecology: Dear John, Thank you for your manuscript Global Resource Bank.

GRB People

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Frances Fox, Jo Anne Hissey, Monika Hoy, Ryan Johnson, Peter Knight, John Pozzi, Andres Quintero, Teofila Quispe, Jorge Rivera, and Charlotte Ure

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