Welcome to the Global Resource Bank (GRB) network for a copious global economy.

Accountearth Global Resource Bank

Everyone owns one share in GRB. GRB shareholders value Earth's abundant wealth of natural resources at six quadrillion (q) GRB ecocredits (e). GRB converts US dollar assets to ecocredit. The GRB ecocredit reserve provides shareholders accounts e40/day for 20 years. Seven hundred trillion ecocredits are invested in ecosystems and e500 trillions in GRB.net. The GRB income account receives ecocredit from an ecosystem impact charge on shareholders and commercial accounts, and exchanges ecocredit with the GRB reserve to maintain equilibrium. Five percent of GRB income sustains GRB.net and e40/day goes to fully funded shareholder accounts. GRB shareholders invest 5% of their GRB income in ecosystems. Earth's ecocredit wealth of natural resources and GRB income distribution adjusts to shareholders feedback. After one year of inactivity GRB accounts revert to the reserve. The GRB manager is chosen by majority.

Frequently Asked Questions.
Does real money value common assets? Yes.
Is the ecocredit value of Earth's natural resources everyone's asset? Yes.
Why do we value our common wealth of natural resources at e6q with the purchasing power
of US dollars? Six quadrillion ecocredits secure the lives of more than six billion shareholders.
Why e6q? Six billion x e40/day x 20 years' = e1.8q, e700t is invested in ecosystems, and
e500t in GRB.net leaving three quadrillions ecocredits in reserve for additional shareholders.
How do we grow natural resources? Natural light, energy, water, soil, food, shelter, climate, land, atmosphere and biodiversity grow with our investments in ecosystems, communications, conservation, education, science, technology, disarmament, restoration, innovation, recycling, information, recreation, health, peace, art, love, that is to say, conscious life on Earth.
How are the GRB ecosystem impact charges set? The GRB shareholders' account charge is
set by the average impact and commercial account charges by their products impact.
Are commercial GRB accounts transparent? Yes.
Do commercial goods and services trade for ecocredit in free and open global markets? Yes.
How do landless people acquire land? The GRB reserve settles national debt for state assets.
Do GRB shareholders live in a world without borders? Yes, ecological credit has no borders.
Does GRB preclude government, war, taxes, poverty, pollution, scarcity and segregation? Yes.
Does GRB provide everyone best communications and a basic ecocredit income for life? Yes.
Does free-flow ecocredit exchange optimize evolution? Yes.
Is GRB a direct democratic network of shareholders? Yes.
How do we access our GRB accounts? Biometrically.
Can we begin GRB NOW? Yes!

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